Art Can Save the Planet

This is a project in which interviewing young artists and presenting their work, we will show how the change of the current economic system is possible. Moving from an uncontrolled capitalist consumerist system, like the one we are immersed in right now, and which we cannot maintain much longer, to an artistic economic system based on the economy of art consumption. A solidarity system that benefits the entire society, which at the same time, manages to reduce the environmental impact of consumerism. The economy of art can save us from the environmental disaster that we have caused and that leads us to the precipice directly. If man does not put limits on humanity, the planet will do it for us …

art can save the planet logo

Art is a means of expression and education, has many virtues and benefits in society, and you can make societies progress through a peaceful and cultural way.  Art promotes the economy. To bet on art is to bet on a peaceful, solidary and sustainable economic growth. We have to start raising people’s awareness of how they can be part of a creative economy, because art is now seen as a marginal thing, but art can be a very lucrative tool that can sustain an economy. A revolution is need it, and now is the moment.

Art Can Save the Planet arises from the KENYAN EYES project, a documentary made in Kenya, dealing with the subject of art in the education system and how to introduce more art into schools. From that point of view, Art Can Save the Planet will carry the same interview philosophy and thus see how young people are working from an artistic point of view to make this planet more sustainable. We hope to reclute many interesting people and be able to show their work and our revolution online.